Research (investigación) + Strategy (estrategia) = Investegia

It is what defines us and our work. Our DNA. Like our Instagram filter: how do we see things and what #hashtag would be suitable for each of our sentences. It means to understand that a pile of data has no sense without interpretation, and that a fine story can crumble away without the support of data.

No decimal digits

We tell stories, not numbers. We understand the meaning of all those numbers and
we translate it to the human language.

3 in 4

It is nice to know what is the mainstream thought, but when there are people who
believe otherwise it is for something.

We like to search and rummage.


Perhaps that little curious detail, that anecdote, it is what will lead us to uncover an interesting trend.


We don’t give anything for granted.


If you are not learning anything new, it is not us.

To the point.

Einstein, who was already practicing investegia inadvertently, used to say: “You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother”.